Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Five -- TV detective shows I wish you would watch with me!

1. Law & Order UK -- Okay, I'm mostly watching this for Jamie Bamber and Harriet Walter. Still, it's a good way to get my British police procedural fix.

2. Luther -- Idris Elba was fantastic as a highly entrepreneurial (& extremely sexy) drug dealer in The Wire, and I've always wanted to hear him use his native accent. The fact that he's starring as a police detective makes it all the more enticing. (And he'll be working with Jane Eyre! Heh.) However, I hope the show doesn't go over-the-top with the DARKNESS and TORMENT. (I get too much of that with Wallander.)

3. Sherlock -- Saw this in England during the summer. It's brilliant. Watch it.

4. Fringe -- (Does this count as a detective show? I think so.) Great start to the third season, though my heart broke a little last night. I KNOW many of you are watching this, and I want to discuss it with each and every one of you!

5. Castle -- Just when my husband decided to give up on this one, it seemed to get better. Hmmm . . . Despite the fact that we never see Castle's old/new girlfriend and now have a new PlotDeviceBoyfriend! for Beckett, this season has been consistently clever and entertaining.

In other news, my poem is featured today at Maurissa Guibord's Haunted House Tour. I'm not a poet, but this little piece demanded to be written nonetheless. By commenting, you could win a copy of Neil Gaiman's Newbery-winning The Graveyard Book! (One of my favorites!)

Happy weekend, everyone!

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  1. I really need to watch some of these. Glad you posted them.

    Also, just read your poem. Totally gothic! Loved the cracking yellowed paper. I bet you can think of what gothic short story I thought of when I read that part. ;)

  2. Thanks about the poem, D.L.!

    Yeah, I just couldn't help myself - that paper HAD to be yellowed. :D