Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TV Tuesday -- The Killing

Sometimes I get tired of police procedurals that follow the typical script. Detectives: 1) arrive at scene of crime, 2) interview wise-cracking forensics expert, 3) interview suspects, 4) fixate upon red herrings, 5) finally get a clue. In a 1-2 hour episode, this formula doesn't allow for character development in all the individuals connected to the crime. That's why I love shows that pursue an investigation over the course of an entire season (like The Wire, for instance). And that's the kind of show AMC's The Killing is turning out to be.

Three episodes in and I'm pretty much hooked. Sarah Linden, our reluctant investigator, is interesting to watch, but I'm more intrigued by her newly-assigned-to-Homicide partner, Stephen Holder (played by a fairly established Swedish actor -- I never would've guessed). His narcotics background certainly makes for interesting interview scenes! Billy Campbell (as Councilman Richmond) is always fun to watch, too. The man is simply too good looking to trust -- Richmond seems perfect for the villain -- but then Campbell pulls off these moments of honesty and vulnerability that make my heart melt a little. And finally, there are Rosie's parents. The Larsens' grief is raw and painful to witness, and yet they are so sympathetic that I'm not quite sure if I can trust them. They've got to have a secret or two that's yet to surface.

The show, adapted from a popular Danish TV series, has managed to maintain a certain Scandanavian bleakness in its new Seattle setting.

Who else is watching? Which characters intrigue you the most?

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  1. I am LOVING this show! Holder intrigues me. He's skeezy but he also gets stuff done in his own way. I have my theories on the suspects, but it changes every week!

  2. @Kim -- all I know is I really don't trust Richmond's girlfriend/campaign manager AND those boys are definitely up to NO GOOD, but I don't see them as killers.

  3. YES! My husband and I love this series already! We aren't too sure about Richmond's lady friend either. Haha. And Holder has something up his sleeve...I can't wait to find out what exactly!

  4. @Jasmine -- that Holder! I'm sure he has a few surprises for us yet. :)