Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Favorite: SCBWI

It's taken me days to recover, but I'm finally here to tell you I had a great time at NYSCBWI last weekend.

Got to hang out with agent Jenn and some of her super cool clients, including Ward Jenkins (seen above), Kristen Kittscher and Mara Rockliff -- kindred spirits, to be sure!

Other highlights:

-- enjoying tea with my editor at the Morgan Library and Museum (love that place!).

-- hanging out with the illustrious Maddee James of

-- meeting new friends and catching up with old ones. (Thanks for being my Saturday buddy, Maurissa Guibord!)

-- learning revision techniques from Cheryl Klein. (Just go ahead and buy her book, you guys.)--(Oh, and check out Maurissa's post on this.)

-- coming to the realization that I should think of my career more in terms of the long haul. It's easy to fixate on what I want NOW, but what about my entire writing career? What would that look like? Am pondering this.

Have a grand weekend, everyone!

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