Tuesday, September 11, 2012

TV Tuesday: it's FALL!

If you've tuned into my blog today in hopes of finding meaningful content . . .


That's because I want to talk about Fall TV. Shall we compare notes?

I'm definitely watching:
Homeland: Just finished season 1 and I NEED MORE CLAIRE DANES. And Mandy Patinkin. And yes, Damien Lewis (argh, argh argh!).

American Horror Story-Asylum: Loved the first season, so I gotta see how they're rebooting it.

Fringe: Bittersweet that it's ending, but how nice to have proper closure. Loved what Joshua Jackson had to say at Comic Con.

I'll give these a chance:
Elementary: I am quite fond of Jonny Lee Miller and actually have heard great things about this. There's plenty of room in my life for multiple incarnations of Sherlock Holmes.

Last Resort: I still carry a torch for Ben Scott Speedman (check out the military 'do!), and you gotta love a premise that involves a rogue nuclear missile sub, right? RIGHT?

Revolution: Steve wants to watch, so I'll give it a go even though I'm feeling a bit of post-apocalyptic fatigue right now.

Will you be watching any of the above with me? What have I left out?

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  1. We are so alike, it's scary. Even our DVRs are friends.

  2. I can't wait for the new season of AHS and Fringe. Revolution's pilot is online right now (btw) so you can watch it. I'm going to give Elementary a try.

    Not on your list is AMC's The Walking Dead. I can't wait for that to start up. And I'll probably watch the second season of "Once Upon A Time" and "Supernatural."

    1. Oooh, I wonder if I can see the Revolution pilot through OnDemand?

      The Walking Dead. Hmmm. I LOVED the first season. The second dragged a bit for me. Too much speechifying, but I know they didn't have the same budget as before, and zombie fights are expensive to film. I do miss Daryl, though. I might go back to it.

  3. I'm looking forward to VEGAS on CBS. The writer of Goodfellas and Casino is co-producing it. It's about Las Vegas in the early 60's when it was changing from cow-town to mob-town. Plus the Shield's Michael Chiklas is playing the mobster. Might be good.

    1. I've heard good things about that one. It's something my husband would get into, and there's an actor in it that I like. Who is it? Oh yeah, Dennis Quaid. We might check it out.