Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I'm back! (with some magic)

Apologies for staying away from the blog for so long.

You see, I was gearing up for a trip to Disney World with my nieces! I've been aching to share photos with you.

But right as we were returning to central Oklahoma, the terrible tornado struck just north of us. I decided the photos could wait.

Maybe we could all use a little magic now? (Especially because it's my birthday!)

Several months ago, when Steve and I decided to take my 6 and 9-year-old nieces to Disney World, we were met with enthusiasm, but also a little skepticism. More than a few "you don't know what you're getting into" looks and comments came our way. We were both nervous, but we really wanted to spend time with the girls, give them a fun vacation, and help them see a little more of the world.

And you know what? It was better than we ever could have dreamed! It truly was magical.

We saw castles!

We met beautiful princesses.

We consumed excessive amounts of sugar.

And boy did we EVER ride roller coasters! My little niece Samantha, barely 6-years-old, started small with Dumbo, worked her way up through coasters like the Barnstormer and Big Thunder Mountain, and finally topped it all off with Space Mountain. (I didn't have the nerve to ride that thing until I was a teenager!)

See more frivolity at Flickr.

It was the trip of a lifetime!

Parents and/or those in the know: where should we go next?


  1. Nothing is ever more magical than Disney World! Do it again! Happy Birthday sweet Sonia, and welcome back.

    For a different kind of magic what about Yellowstone National Park?! Bears, Elk, geysers, mountains, and stink pots-- just no princesses :(

    1. I do want to do DW again. YES I DO! Just not next year.

      Nice rec with Yellowstone. :)

  2. Happy birthday, Sonia! I'm glad you, Steve, and the princesses had such a magical time. I'll need suggestions when I take my kiddos to Disney a few years.

    It's not Disney, but Big Cedar is pretty fun. Pony rides, swimming, marshmallow roasts, etc. I was told that Santa's elves do nightly tuck-ins near Christmas.

    1. I'll have plenty of DW suggestions. I even have a detailed Word document with all sorts of suggestions from my Disney-expert friend, Kim.

      I love Big Cedar. Might have to save that for getaways with Steve--it was so lovely at Christmas! :)

    2. A detailed word document? I'm interested!

      I remembered what you said about the two of you going. Those cabins are adorable!

  3. So happy you had a great experience with your nieces. How about Washington, D.C.? Not exactly DW, but a lot of interesting sights, even for kids. And I second Lisa's nomination for Yellowstone. It's kind of like DW au naturel.