Thursday, July 9, 2015

England postcards 2015 -- Cornwall

We are back in Oxford for another summer law program at Brasenose College, and I intend to carry on last year's tradition of "postcards." This edition focuses on Cornwall, where Steve and I recently spent time with friends. Above you see a photo of the beach somewhere between Rock and Polzeath, which was taken early in our walk along the SW Coastal path toward Port Isaac. (We didn't quite make it to Port Isaac that day, but we did cover 14 miles!)

Here we are -- Dom, me, Bede, and Steve (Ben is taking the photo) -- in Boscastle, a pretty little town on an estuary.

A high point of the trip was our visit to Tintagel. How glorious was the sun!

[The above photos were enhanced with the "HDR" filter from Snapseed.]

See more photos and details in my Cornwall Flickr album. And stay tuned for more!

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  1. Love these, Sonia. On a recent binge, I watched six seasons of "Doc Martin" and am now going through withdrawal. These photos of the Cornwall countryside give me fond memories of Portwenn!
    Looking forward to more "postcards"!

    1. We watched the first season and really enjoyed. Maybe the first two seasons? But somehow we got out of the habit. I do love the setting.