Monday, November 14, 2011

Revenant art!

A while back, I featured Audrey Eclectic as a Friday Favorite. I loved her Jane Eyre mug, and found inspiration for my writing in her painting, "An Old-Fashioned Romance." I nurtured a little fantasy that Heather, the artist behind Audrey Eclectic, might paint something for The Revenant. When I approached her with the idea, she was very enthusiastic. Hooray!

I was overjoyed by the results:

I love Willie's wispy hair and light smattering of freckles. You can see Seminary Hall and various students in the background (including a certain forbidden boy). Heather featured the painting on her blog, and you'll find a much better photo there.

Heather also created a postcard for me:

Here's the front with the lovely Victorian border.

And the back, featuring one of my photos of Seminary Hall.

*happy sigh*

To see more of Heather's work, including holiday-themed art and greeting cards, please visit the Audrey Eclectic page at Etsy. To learn more about her inspirations and latest projects, follow her blog. I'm so delighted that this talented Oklahoma artist enjoyed my book and was willing to create such a beautifully folksy piece for me!


  1. You're very welcome! Im so glad you like it! Its always so much fun to try to interpret a character from the author's vision. I'm mailing out your post cards today!~

  2. Congrats, Sonia and Heather. This is truly captivating imagery. And what fun to collaborate artistically this way. Great idea!

  3. It's so pretty-- love the seminary in the background!

  4. Willie is beautiful. What a wonderful idea!

  5. What beautiful artwork! She did a great job.

    I gave a shoutout to you in my latest post:
    My Follow Friday

    When I watched Jane Eyre, I thought of all the places you'd been that were in the movie!