Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday sky

Yesterday when I jumped in the car to pick Steve up from the airport, the sky looked like this:

My iPhone really couldn't capture how beautifully gloomy and otherworldly it was. Dark Age priests, faced with such a sky, surely would have locked themselves in the chapel. Druids would have had a party (or would they? I'm not really sure how Druids reacted to the sky). In any case, it was strange and gorgeous -- I wish so desperately that I'd had a decent camera with me.

By the way, that was the sky at noon. I asked Steve if his flight from Dallas was bumpy, but apparently it was smooth and distinctly non-paranormal. By the time we were on our way back to the house, the sky had smoothed itself into a bland blanket of gray.


  1. It looks like the kind of sky that should hover gloomily over a moor...

  2. I'm sure it looked more sinister in person, but I'm looking at it thinking "hmmm comfy duvet", which is usually the precursor to me pushing out some Zs :)

  3. Oh my! what a gorgeously creepy sky! I've never seen one quite like that.
    Just wanted to drop by your blog and say that I may sister gifted me with a copy of your beautiful book today (yay!) and i can't wait to finish the book i'm currently reading so i can dive into yours. i've been anxious to read it since i first heard of it. :)