Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Home. For real this time.

A few days after returning from England I drove out to TN to see family. My baby brother York, who lives in Japan--and whom I haven't seen in person for years--was in town with his lovely new bride Fumiyo and her niece and nephew. Of course I was more than happy to zoom across the country to see them! The trip was a whirlwind, but I did get a chance to visit with most of the members of my oddly fragmented family, so this counts as a win. :)

I haven't sorted through all the photos yet, but here's a nice one of me with big brother Ernest and baby brother York. Those of you who haven't seen York since he was a child will be SURPRISED.

We're all grown up now!

One thing I love about driving trips is listening to audio books, and I have a few recommendations for you:

Wicked Autumn -- A pretty solid cozy mystery, but I might have enjoyed it even more had I read it myself rather than listening. (So in this case, I'm recommending the story more than the vocal performance.)

Horton Halfpott -- sold it to me as a very, very silly Downton Abbey, this was an amazing voice performance by Ron Keith! Highly entertaining and highly recommended. (I really don't understand the single 3-star rating on the Audible site.)

Odd and the Frost Giants -- a charming adaptation of a Norse myth written and performed by Neil Gaiman. Short and sweet, and Gaiman does a wonderful job differentiating all the voices.

Oh, and I also read Keeping the Castle on my Kindle. What could be better than a YA Regency romp?

(Thanks to Caroline Starr Rose, Dave Wall and Jennifer Laughran for the recs!)

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  1. So glad you liked it! I'm only on disc two, but we have a copy of the book my older guy has read...and has read to his little brother.

    1. It kept me laughing all through Tennessee and Arkansas!

  2. Welcome Home! Thanks so much for the audio book recommendations I am now a total Downton Abbey GEEK! Looking forward to catching up!

    1. YAY for Downton Abbey geekdom! We'll be able to squee together about season 3.