Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring comes to campus

Here in central Oklahoma it often feels like we go straight from summer to a very brief winter before spring comes 'round again. When the thermometer hits 80 in March, I panic -- 100+ temps can't be too far off, right?

And yet . . . on days like Saturday, I have to admit that spring is our prettiest season.

Some proof:

Spring is also nice because it's when my dear friend Michelle comes to visit. Huzzah!

P.S. I experienced several years of looooong winters in Milwaukee (with blizzards in May!), and I hope these photos bring hope to those who live in colder climes. Warm days are coming!

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  1. So pretty...but it's also when I have to break out the Claritin.

  2. And then today, we're back to a drizzly cold day. But no complaints here, as it is wonderful to have rain again after our marathon drought. Gotta love Oklahoma - as they say all fours seasons every week.

  3. Sonia! These pictures are breathtaking! Thanks for the salute to Sooner Springtime, we need to enjoy it while it lasts :)

  4. Beautiful! And the photography's not too shabby either!