Thursday, March 17, 2011

Friday Favorites -- a day early

Today we head down to Dallas for some shopping and fun. Tomorrow night we see my all-time favorite band play at the Winstar Casino.

It's surreal. Duran Duran still making albums 25 years later? Duran Duran in Oklahoma? At a CASINO?

Ah well . . . I'm looking forward to it.

I remember when they seemed so cutting edge:

Weren't they cute back in the Rio days? I was so young and hick back then, growing up in small town in Tennessee, and they were so British and sophisticated. Their videos opened up whole new worlds to me.

They're older now, but they've still got it going on:

I wonder if Simon will be sporting the beard tomorrow night? And will he be pouring himself into tight leather trousers, as usual? *giggle*

Poor Steve will have to endure me dancing and singing through the whole concert.

Old Lady Sonia thinks "I'd better wear comfortable shoes."

It's gonna be fun! I'll be sure to report when we get back.

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  1. oh my. I still have my DD scrapbooks from grade school. I wanted so bad to marry John, but since everyone and their mother loved John, I chose Nick instead. *swoon* REFLE FLE FLE FLE FLEX!

  2. Alas, I think Charlie is still sporting the beard. ;) In all seriousness, I'm so glad you get to go and hope you have a wonderful time. Definitely expecting that full report!! :)

  3. @Corinne, I loved Nick, too! I was way into the androgyny thing back then. But now it's Simon.

    @Tiffany - we'll go to a DD concert together one of these days!

  4. So jealous!!! Can't wait until they schedule a date near me - but unfortunately I think it will be a bigger venue. I saw them during their reunion tour in 2003 at the Warner Theatre, and was in the second row, next to John -

  5. Hope you had a good time!

    How many Duran Duran concerts have you attended?