Tuesday, March 22, 2011

TV Tuesday

I'll try to be more positive for this week's TV Tuesday by talking about two new shows that intrigue me, both coming to cable in April.

So many dear friends are RABID about George R. R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series. How many times have I wondered "Who the heck is Jaime Lannister and why is everyone swooning over him?" Well, I'm about to find out, and I'm taking the easy way by watching the HBO mini-series that premieres April 17. (If it appeals to me at all, you know I'll read the book so CALM DOWN.) HBO had me at Sean Bean, but I'm also looking forward to seeing that cutie from the shortlived New Amsterdam playing Jaime. Actually, the entire cast looks pretty strong. YAY!

Chime in if you'll be watching!

(Learn more about GAME OF THRONES here.)

This could suck and I'd still watch because I'm THAT obsessed with the Arthurian legends. I'm also fairly obsessed with Eva Green. (And there's Philip Winchester!) Decent cast overall, but this is STARZ so I'm a little nervous. (The character descriptions on the website are so sappy that I kinda want to barf. And they've written Morgan as King Uther's daughter? WRONG!) Still, I can't help being excited. And I'm already hating Guinevere based on the few clips we see of her in this trailer. YAY! At least that is as it should be.

Anyone else planning to watch this? I think STARZ has already shown the first ep, but the series officially premieres on April 1.

(Learn more about CAMELOT here.)


  1. I love how epic these shows look. I've seen the previews for Camelot and think I'll try it out but I didn't know about the Game of Thrones. Hopefully they'll be good.

  2. YES! I have both of those marked on my calendar--Im hoping they're good!

  3. These shows are both on my radar, too! So excited to see them. Beautiful costumes and rich content are promising, but so was Rome. And I loved New Amsterdam. So sad it didn't make it.

  4. @Nicole -- I'm so curious about Game of Thrones. The production values certainly look high!

    @Frankie -- YAY! I look forward to comparing notes.

    @Brandi -- are you saying that you didn't like Rome? I enjoyed New Amsterdam for a while, but the flashbacks were starting to annoy me. Which is bad, since they were an integral part of the show's premise. :0

  5. Oh, no...I loved Rome. I was just referring to another show, like NA, that was canceled. I know the beautiful costumes and set are expensive to produce. I hope these make it.