Tuesday, March 15, 2011

TV Tuesday - the slump

My pal Brandi Barnett and I decided we would blog weekly about TV, since we LOVE to talk about it (but rarely watch the same shows). I was excited because I am unapologetically obsessed with TV and will never pledge to watch less of it -- it gives me so many great ideas for my own writing!

But this week, TV is not thrilling me.

Well, I will say that Steve and I stayed up until midnight to watch the final three episodes of Pillars of the Earth. I still don't LOVE this miniseries -- too rushed, too many caricatures -- but it certainly was suspenseful.

Yesterday I tried the first 10 minutes of Desperate Romantics, which I seem to remember squeeing about on LJ a few years ago when it was first airing in the UK. I mean, the premise seemed quite lovely. The Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood as young, sexy, libidinous lads! Sadly, I don't really like the cast and so far the tone is a turn-off for me. 10 minutes does not qualify as giving it a fair shake, but I just can't be bothered to watch more at this point. I'd actually rather watch old episodes of Midsomer Murders for my Britfix. (Sonia = old lady)

Worst of all, I've been feeling rather neutral about Fringe lately. *MILD SPOILER ALERT!* There was the ep where they went there and I merely raised an eyebrow. No squeeing -- it didn't seem particularly romantic to me. (They didn't write it that way, did they? What did you think of it? Did I miss the blog coverage of this?) And then there was the flashback episode, which I found interesting. I actually had to rewind and watch certain scenes a few times to get the universes straight, so that was nice. (Or I'm just really slow.) And then last week's ep -- I'm so glad that Peter and Olivia are behaving themselves and being honest and having a nice time. That's refreshing. But the last scene made me laugh. Not sure I'm that excited to watch Olivia channeling William Bell, but it's an innovative way to push her and Peter apart for a bit.

And I'm way behind on CASTLE, VAMPIRE DIARIES, and LAW & ORDER UK.

What's getting you excited on TV lately? Am I missing anything brilliant? (Haven't checked BBCAmerica for new shows in a long time.) It's one of those times when I think I need a new TV obsession...


  1. I agree. TV just ain't what it used to be. I still miss Seinfeld, Friends, Lost... although House has been fairly good of late.
    I'm also behind in Vampire Diaries but there's only so much young uber-angst I can take a month. Ah well, the new season will be upon us quicker than we think. I'm ever hopeful for new, innovative, non-reality programming.

  2. @Diane -- I watched the first season of House and then strayed. Maybe I'm having attention-span problems? And yes, the uber-angst in VD can be exhausting. I'm wongering if GAME OF THRONES on HBO will be the ticket? Never read the novels, but it looks like a strong cast with high production values.

  3. I agree, Sonia. There's almost nothing I'm interested in watching right now, aside from The Simpsons. I love So You Think You Can Dance, though, and I can't wait for the new season to start.

  4. So sorry you didn't get into the train wreck of bachelor. I am still appalled at my interest in this show and have zero rational explanation for it.

  5. @Helen -- I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance! I'm dying for the new season, but I'm afraid I'll be out of the country for the second half (just like last year). I can't watch the shows online in the UK. :(

    @Lisa -- did he pick the right girl, in your opinion?