Thursday, June 30, 2011

*happy sigh*

Melanie and Marko did it again last night:

That kiss.

I mean, GUH.

I'm so in love with this pair.

Any predictions on who's leaving tonight? Or, if you see this later, did your prediction come true?


  1. Yessss! I love Melanie + Marko! They are adorable together. This piece was gorgeous!
    (As for predictions: I only got to watch the first hour since I was dead tired, but I'll be catching up tonight!)

  2. Holy spite, I love Melanie & Marko! That kiss seriously made me scream... not to mention all the judges getting in on the kissing action, too. As for predictions, well I'm not sure. There were a couple dances I didn't like and a few dancers I'm not fond of... but I still wish everyone the best of luck!

  3. Melanie and Marko made it through, of course!

    I was disappointed in the results only because Nigel said stuff that was wrong. Didn't he say that Mitchell was a beautiful dancer but needed to consider that he wasn't connecting to the audience because he kept ending up in the bottom three? Well, the only other time he had to dance for his life was because of his injury, NOT because of audience votes.

    And then Nigel made reference to Chris' "woodpecker" routine, which actually was Robert's routine.

    I guess the judges were under a lot of pressure last night, but usually Nigel isn't so off. Maybe he was angry about being outvoted on eliminations.