Monday, June 6, 2011

One week to THE REVENANT -- Ghostly Giveaway [NOW CLOSED]

Seriously, ONE WEEK? *flails*

First, I must announce the winner of last week's giveaway. According to, the person who will receive copies of WARPED and HAVEN, plus swag, is . . .


Now, on to our FINAL weekly giveaway . . . this week's theme is GHOSTS!

What do I love about them?

To be honest, I was a scaredy-cat about ghosts for most of my life. As a kid, I could barely get any sleep at my dad's house because I was certain it was haunted. Even as a young adult my imagination was very susceptible to any weird sound in the night. (Okay, if I'm to be completely honest, to this day I can only watch scary movies during the day, never right before bedtime.) The first ghostly film I could bring myself to watch in the theater was The Others -- I watched through the fingers covering my eyes -- and from then on I was hooked. Yes, I was captivated by the film's mystery and shocking reveal, but what stayed with me was the emotional arc of the story. Grace Stewart's grief, confusion and denial, as well as her fierce and destructive love, haunted me long after the film ended. I continue to be entranced by the idea of an emotion (either positive or negative) being so powerful that it transcends death, lingering in ghostly form to haunt the living. It really doesn't matter to me whether or not ghosts actually exist -- I just love their story potential.

What does it have to do with The Revenant?

The Cherokee Female Seminary, the setting of The Revenant, is now Seminary Hall at Northeastern State University. According to local lore, the spirit of Florence Wilson, Seminary principal from 1875 to 1901, has been seen, heard, and even smelled within and around the building. Each fall, graduate students give tours of "Haunted Seminary Hall" -- one can even buy the t-shirt and become a fan on Facebook. That's all well and good, but for my own ghost story I wanted a haunting that was more shocking and mysterious, so I fashioned it around a love triangle and added a dash of betrayal . . . and murder.

What am I giving away?

Another Okie ghost book! Two NYT-bestselling authors have wonderful things to say about Tara Hudson's Hereafter -- Becca Fitzpatrick praises the novel as "a tender and poignant love story with a ghostly twist" and Andrea Cremer raves that it "leaves the possibilities of a world unseen lingering in your mind and your heart long after you’ve turned the final page." I, for one, am so excited to have another Oklahoma YA ghost novel debuting the same month as The Revenant! This story of a ghost who saves a boy's life, and then falls in love with him, is going to be HUGE. And I am offering a copy signed SPECIFICALLY TO THE WINNER by Tara, which I will personally obtain at her June 11th Oklahoma City signing. (Will you be in the area? If so, go here for all the details.)

The weekly giveaways are open to residents of North America only. International readers may still comment to enter the drawing for a finished copy of The Revenant.

How does one enter?

1. Leave a comment that includes a name and some way to contact you. This is really all you have to do to be entered for the weekly giveaway AND to put your name in the drawing for one of two finished copies of The Revenant. And though it isn't required, I'd love for you to share in the comment a favorite ghost story or film -- or even a ghostly encounter of your own!

2. If you'd like an extra entry, please tweet a link to this contest. Something like: Win a signed copy of HEREAFTER at @soniagensler's One Week to THE REVENANT Giveaway!
(Please let me know in the comments that you've tweeted -- a link would be fabulous!)

You have until 11:59 pm (CDT) FRIDAY the 10th** to enter -- good luck!

**I'm ending this giveaway a day early so I can get Tara to personalize the signature on the book.


  1. Oohh, I've been wanting to read this book!

    TweetyB99 at aol dot com

  2. My favourite ghost movie is The Sixth Sense, nobody saw that ending coming. I read a couple books with ghosts, but not as the main focus so far.



  3. Thanks for the giveaways! My favorite ghost movie.. hmm.. maybe The Sixth Sense? I just didn't see it coming!

    imabookshark @ yahoo . com

    Tweeted it!:!/imabookshark/status/77718889420697600

    Mickey @ imabookshark

  4. Looks very good! I love ghost stories, and one time my friend says she was next to a cemetery and saw a ghost girl walking around crying with her hands cut off.

    Emily H
    Twitter Account: @TokyoMewMewGirl

  5. Loved The Others but you should totally check out The Orphanage. Ah-mazing. Twitter contact: @elusiveginger
    Retweeting the contest!

  6. My mom believes she has had a few experiences with ghosts, some calm and non-threatening and some just terrified her!
    Claire Hill

  7. Great theme! I love ghost stories, I think my favorites thus far have been The Orphanage and The Shining. : )

  8. Awesome giveaway! My favorite ghost movie is probably The Orphanage.

  9. Awesome giveaway! I really liked The Sixth Sense. The ending :O


    Email: megannflowers(at)

  10. Thanks, the book looks really good!!
    Twitter- @apedulla


  11. Oh you guys, I LOVED The Orphanage so much! I highly recommend it to any ghost movie lovers who haven't seen it yet. Spooky and very poignant.

  12. Great contest! These books sound fantastic and I have been wanting to read them for forever! Thx!

  13. Love stories about ghost!

  14. A Certain Slant of Light by Laura Whitcomb is a great ghost story. :)

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  15. Hey, thanx for the giveaway!!
    I love The Frighteners with Michael J. Fox it's funny and creepy. Movie that scared the pants off me was Thirteen Ghosts Gah! I totally watched that one through my fingers!!

    Tristan Bruce

  16. I'm a huge chicken, too... but I do like The Others! Scared the living daylights out of me, but I still liked it. As for (slightly) cheesy ghostliness, I like the show Ghost Whisperer. Oh happy, sappy ghost love!
    I tweeted about the giveaway...!/litzalou/status/77830438504251392

  17. I loved the Sixth Sense because the twist was so unexpected. Plus there's nothing creepier then a little kid who sees dead people. I also really enjoyed the Others because of all the hidden layers in that movie. It made me think I knew exactly what was going on, just to turn around and prove to me that I didn't, LOL!

    I'm super excited that you're coming to TN in July since I live close to Clarksville. Can't wait to meet you and pick up a signed copy of Revenant!

    I tweeted about the giveaway here:!/StalkintheBooks/status/77852916265910273

    Thanks so much for the chance to win HereAfter, it sounds so good!


  18. thanks so much for this giveaway... i'm too much of a coward to have any ghostly stories or encounters. Whenever things get weird or strange, I run in the other direction.


  19. Thanks for the giveaway!
    I tweeted:

  20. I would love to be entered!

    The ghostliest movie for me is Paranormal Activity; it definitely had me spooked.


  21. I recently finished Bad Girls Don't Die and really enjoyed it. It was one of the first ghost stories i really loved.

    thegirlonfire27 at gmail dot com

  22. Although I like a lot of more recent ghost books, my all-time favorite is A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. It is my favorite ghost movie as well. Or should I say movies! There are so many versions. I try to watch as many versions as I can each Christmas season.

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  23. Name: Andrea

    Well, my favorite book about ghosts is The Splendor Falls, a super cool YA by Rosemary Clement-Moore--you gotta read it!


  24. You are so sweet for doing these giveaways!! I'm always looking for new stuff to read!!

    I tweeted the contest!/CherylSab/status/78302302078898176

  25. I could use a good ghost story. Sign me up! :)


  26. I would love to read this!

    I tweeted:!/lizzy1931


  27. Can't wait to get my hands on this book! Been ogling it in my local bookstore for a while (we've had it out for at least a week). Sign me up!!

    Tweeted here:!/Adam_R_Stephens/status/78445785611632640

  28. tweeted this as @tnlibrarygal johnson city, tn

    as a school librarian in a middle school i am always looking for new books to add to the collection.

  29. Awesome! Thanks for the chance to win. As far as ghost stories go, my husband loves to watch GHOST HUNTERS. And then he wakes up in the middle of the night claiming there are ghosts in the room. He has got to stop watching that show! hehe


  30. I've heard some good things about this book.

    renee8mc AT gmail DOT com

  31. Amazing giveaway :) My favorite ghost story is The Haunted by Jessica Verday. I think it's a great romance between a ghost and a girl. My favorite ghost film is 13 ghosts. I thought it was a creative film idea.

  32. I liked the 6th SENSE Movies...and I like to watch the Ghost Hunters on Cable

    Thanks for the chance to win

    GFC Michele Luker

    jmluker at winco dot net

  33. Poltergeist scared the bejeezus out of me! I'm 33 y/o and still sleeps with my closet door shut! Thanks for the giveaway!
    Kimberly Callegan

  34. I happen to love the rendition of ghosts in the Harry Potter books, simply because they're easy to understand, yet unique enough not to be boring. :)

    I tweeted! Here's my link!

    My email is: Cheylea120 AT yahoo DOT com

    Thank you! :)

    Chey @ The Chey Show

  35. My favorite pop culture ghost moment was the very first episode of "Supernatural". The Woman in White and her little ghost children... CREEPY!

    ldaflynn at gmail dot com

  36. Thanks so much for the giveaway! For my favorite ghost story I'd have to go with with either Sixth Sense or Ghost:)

    I tweeted!:!/Kit_nichole/status/78495284023394304

    Thanks again!
    email: Kit(at)ReadingTeen(dot)net

  37. My favorite ghost film is The Sixth Sense. Scary, but also a great film.

    philsiegel84 [at] gmail [dot] com

    and I tweeted, too @fillupseagull

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  39. The ghosts that scare me are all kind but my fav has to be paranormal activity it scared me to dead

  40. I don't watch too many scary movies but the best ghost one I can think of is definitely sixth sense. So good and such a great twist at the end!

    Meaghan _koci at yahoo dot com

  41. Fav romantic ghost film is Ghost.
    And a great book is "A Certain Slant of Light".


  42. Thanks for this!


  43. So excited for your book to come out Sonia! I tweeted for you!

  44. My favorite ghost movie is also The Sixth Sense. Such a good movie. Plus, I also happen to have quite the crush on Bruce Willis, yum!


    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!


  45. Thanks for the giveaway!! The movie that always sticks out in my mind that scared me to death was What Lies Beneath. So creepy!!!/sithereandread/status/79172564391432193


  46. Please enter me Amy @ bookgoonie
    bookgoonie at
    RT contest @bookgoonie

  47. I'm an International

    I follow you on twitter - star_light91

    & i re-tweeted your tweet about the giveaway -!/soniagensler/status/79171072683024384

    Favourite movie that involves ghosts has to be paranormal activity 1 for me!! couldn't sleep after watching it!!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    Tasnim xx

  48. I want to read both of those books! My favorite ghost movie is "The Orphanage" It's so sad though :(. Also I really like the book Jade Green by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

    Real Ghost Experience:

    I lived with my grandma when I was 4. Every night I would say the "Now I lay me down to sleep" prayer. I don't remember much but she said that one night she ran into the room because I was screaming and ever since then I refused to say the prayer. When I was 16 I went to visit with her for a week. Every night I would leave the door cracked so her dog, Biscuit, could come lay with me. One night though he didn't come in right away. A little while later as I was falling asleep I heard the door open and heard him walking across the floor and felt him jump on the bed and lay down next to me. I turned over to cuddle with him and to my horror nothing was there and before I could work up a scream something grabbed hold of me. It started to recite "Now I lay me down to sleep" but it continued onto a verse I've never heard before. When it finished it let go of me and I felt it leave the bed and as my door shut it said "I've missed you". It was only then that I could scream. My grandma has since moved from that house but I still refuse to stay overnight.

  49. There's been a lot of hype about this book, and I'd love a chance to see how good it is! Thanks for the giveaway!


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