Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The return of TV Tuesday

And this week it's all about Brit TV.

I didn't know my FAVORITE fictional detective had been adapted to the small screen until I saw ads for Case Histories in England this summer. To be honest, I'm not sure what to think of this. I love Jackson Brodie so much that it's hard to imagine any actor getting him right. (I love Rochester and Darcy, too, but for some reason I enjoy seeing different actors take a stab at them. It's different with Jackson.) Jason Isaacs is great, but I remain apprehensive. And the thing about these Kate Atkinson novels is that, as Isaacs himself says, they're not really detective novels. They're works of literary fiction that happen to feature a detective as the main character -- I'm just not sure how this will translate to the screen. But . . . I will, of course, be watching this October 16 when the show premieres on Mystery!

THIS, on the other hand, looks like great fun. A young Inspector Morse? YES, PLEASE! (And look -- he's standing in front of the Brasenose chapel! ETA: On second look, maybe not. But it's very like Brasenose. Must investigate further.) Learn more about Endeavor here. Not sure when this will come to the US, but there's no doubt it will eventually cross the pond, what with all the Morse and Lewis fans in this country.

And then there's The Hour, which premieres on BBCAmerica this week. Lots of familiar faces in this one, including a very suave Dominic West heating up the screen with Romola Garai. We randomly tuned into one ep while we were in England, and I was very intrigued. Check out this NY Times feature for more context.

What about you? Has anything caught your eye in the fall TV lineup?


  1. A young Inspector Morse? Filming in Oxford?
    Best news since the the word, that Toby Stephens joins Lewis ;)
    Thank you!!!

  2. I'm loving Rufus Sewell as Inspector Zen on PBS right now. It's so witty and clever and set in Rome, with English actors. Ok that last bit sounds a bit weird, but it WORKS. Promise :)

  3. @cariad -- I didn't know Toby Stephens would guest star on LEWIS. Yay!

    @Suze -- I LOVED Zen. Rufus Sewell has long been one of my imaginary boyfriends, and I thought he was spectacular in this. I'm sad to hear, however, that BBC cancelled the series. I really hope it gets picked up elsewhere.

  4. about Toby Stephens: It's confirmed by the ITV presscentre.


  5. Thanks cariad! Hope I didn't sound like I was questioning you -- I was just excited!

  6. Oh, no way - I'm just as excited as you and want to spread the word :)
    I'm a big fan of TS and Lewis is one of my favourite TV-shows AND I love Oxford, since I had the chance to visit this lovely place for a few days in 2010 and last May. And I'll do it probably next year again.
    ...by the way, I stayed in a cosy B&B in Holywell Street, where you watched some shooting from Lewis a few weeks ago :)