Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Endowed Objects BOOK GIVEAWAY -- now CLOSED

On Monday, I mentioned Kathi Appelt's presentation at SCBWI OK, and how she urged us to show emotion in fiction through endowed objects. First, however, she asked us to brainstorm what our own endowed objects might be.

I must confess I struggled with this. I mean, I LOVE things. I enjoy collecting them and displaying them and petting them. But which ones were endowed with a special emotional significance or power? Which ones would I collect in an imaginary treasure chest of Sonia-ness?

When she asked us to think of objects that conveyed something about a relationship, I was finally able to unblock myself. I thought of my husband Steve. And no, I didn't immediately think of my wedding ring or some other bit of jewelry. Instead, I thought of a teacup.

This teacup. The one that he made a special little trip to search out for me, without my urging, when he was in Milwaukee (the city in which we were married). He knew (and still knows) that I love to collect teacups. He knew that I love Medieval/Renaissance/European designs. So he bought this cup and saucer as a special gift for me. Can I say again that he did this without ANY prompting?

I think he looked at the bottom of the saucer and KNEW. I mean, this stamp just makes me giddy! It's so ME.

And thus, this cup and saucer is the pride of my collection AND automatically goes into my imaginary treasure chest of Sonia-ness (as well as Sonia♥Steve-ness).

Okay, so what about endowed objects in fiction? In The Revenant, Willie arrives at the Cherokee Female Seminary with only a small bag of things, but some of them are endowed objects. A three-volume set of Shakespeare's plays might be the most significant. These books are practically all she has left of her beloved father, a man whose obsession with the theater proved the financial ruin of her family. Two of the books contain endowed objects within their pages -- her only photograph of her father, and a letter from her mother. The latter launches the very plot of the book.

Funny how it was easier for me to think of an endowed object in one of my stories than within my own life.

I read another story recently -- Laini Taylor's Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Wow, ya'll. You know when people say "their love was so epic"? Well, the romance in this novel truly is epic. In the past, I never was drawn to stories of angels and monsters and protagonists who are so achingly beautiful that it hurts to look at them. That stuff was just too much for me. Too over-the-top. This novel is over-the-top, but in a really good way. The writing is exquisite. And like I said, the story (and romance) are epic. It also contains an endowed object -- many, in fact -- but the one I'm thinking of has a profound meaning that is revealed in layers throughout the story. (I might be talking about the "bone" part of the book's title.) I want to thank sweet Sara at Novel Novice for passing the ARC along to me!

Now I'd like to pass it along to one of you. Sure, the hardcover will be out at the end of this month. (Amazon says they're stocking it on Friday.) You could buy it for yourself. But this copy is FREE! And I'll mail it anywhere in the world! (Also, it has a different cover from the published version, which I think makes it sort of collectible.) I'll throw in some Novel Novice swag, some Elevensie swag, and heck, why not throw in a signed copy of The Revenant? (Both books feature revenants, by the way!) If you already have a copy of The Revenant but still want to win Daughter of Smoke and Bone, I'll throw in something else to sweeten the pot. Something good, I promise.

All you have to do to enter is to comment with details of an endowed object, either in your own life or in a favorite story. This giveaway is open internationally. Just make sure you leave a name and check back on Friday to see which name was drawn!


  1. What a beautiful cup and saucer! And what a good husband. I love unprompted treats :)

    This book sounds fascinating too, I first discovered Laini Taylor a few years ago when I bought some of angel ornaments she designs, have you seen them? So fun! There's a little shop in Eureka Springs that sells them.

  2. My favorite endowed object is the key from the SyFy miniseries The Lost Room. It opens a room to a missing motel room that has paranormal properties.

    treerose @ yahoo DOT com

  3. My favorite endowed object is my engagement ring. My husband bought it for me in Greece, when he didn't have a lot of money. I can honestly say it is one of a kind.

    I would LOVE to win this copy of DoSaB!!!!


  4. I do actually have a Kindle copy of your book in my TBR list, but I'd still love a signed 'proper' book :) There's nothing like a proper book.... *sigh*

    My endowed item is my bedside lamp.

    I snuck (is that a word?) it to the US with me on my last visit home. It was in the lounge in the house where I grew up.

    I think my dad bought it when I was about 4 or 5, and it was always the first lamp to go on in the house as the evening drew in. It has these odd shapes on it that I used to trace on the back of my hand while I was 'watching' some boring adult TV show.

    So having it in my new home, which is so far away from my old home, makes me feel like my childhood, and my adulthood are somehow more together now. Ya, weird, I know.

  5. My endowed object would be a ruby necklace passed down from my great grandmother. It's just a gorgeous piece. Very vintage. Something to remember her by.

    I would love a signed copy of The Revenant. I just love it!

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  6. My Grandma gave me a set of display spoons as a 1st house gift, her mom gave them to her when she got her 1st house. I love my Grandma so much, she is the most wonderful woman ever. I will cherish those little spoons forever.

    myworldofbooks at hotmail dot com

  7. My endowed object is my rosary. It's in a cute wooden circular container from when my dad was deployed in Africa. My parents bought the rosary in Italy and it was blessed at a mass by Pope John Paul II. I will never get over the beautiful pink marble beads it has. I take it on roadtrips and vacations because my family would say the rosary together each time we started out on a long trip.

    Great giveaway!


  8. My jade pendant is shaped like a teardrop and was given to me by my maternal grandmother. It was her fav piece of jewelry thus I knew that by her giving it to me was her way of telling me that I was her favorite as well.


  9. My endowed object would be my mothers hope chest. I always loved it as a kid and it was passed on to me after she died.

    thegirlonfire27 at gmail dot com

  10. Wonderful examples, everyone! Keep 'em coming!

  11. My grandparents bought me a horse made out of wood in Spain when I was 9 or even younger. I love horses (which they knew) and would play with toy horses. I thought it would be just another one out of plastic, that I would of loved as well, but not as much as I do the one they got me. I never played (unless you count dusting) with it because of how special I thought it was. It is one of those things, I see myself taking with me, no matter where I move. Here is a picture I took of it. It makes me think of the circus and a carousel.


  12. I would choose my little china dogs Gog and Magog that I got about 10 years ago on Prince Edward Island as replicas of the ones Lucy Maud Montgomery had and described in her books.

    I bought the Revenant for our high school library, and my media assistant read it and LOVED it. She put it on the shelf and it was checked out the first day. I would LOVE to win a copy and get a chance to read it. Looking forward to both books! Also I play in a string quartet every month at Full Circle, and I am hoping to see you all on Oct. 22nd. I am the librarian at Choctaw High School and Tara Hudson doesn't live too far from here I think. We have her book too.:) Love our Oklahoma authors!
    Theresa Kluge

  13. My enodowed objects came to me one Christmas from my mother. We were very poor that year, she was putting herself through nursing school and had had to quit her job as to be able to finish her clinicals. Needless to say, we were on welfare and kind of sick of eating mac and cheese. Little did I know that I would recieve the most wonderful gift that year....books. One leather bound copy of Little Women with gold on the edges of the page and also a leather bound copy of Tom Sawyer. I had never seen books so beautiful in my life! They were so beautiful, I was scared to touch them let alone read them.....but the most beautiful part of the books is what my mom wrote on the inside covers......sorry people, that information is for me only. But my moms humble gift of the books, and of herself that christmas has become my endowed objects.

    Payton Patterson

  14. Great to see you here, Theresa! Hope we get to meet each other at Full Circle.

    Lovely stories, Petra and Payton!

  15. Hmm...this one is a hard one, but my endowned item is my purity ring. I lost my first on, but I went with my cousin to buy a new one. I've worn it ever since. that day was one of the only days I got to spend with her since she works a lot.
    Tayte Hunter