Tuesday, September 27, 2011

TV Tuesday: pleasant surprises

It seems that all I've blogged about lately is TV. All I can say in my defense is "'Tis the season!"

(I'll make an effort to branch out soon.)

The season premieres of Fringe and The Good Wife were great fun -- and I'd love to discuss them in the comments -- but for this entry I'm focusing on pleasant surprises:

A Gifted Man -- Hadn't intended on watching this one, but ultimately couldn't resist the appeal of Jennifer Ehle. Actually, the whole cast is pretty dang good. This is the best I've seen from Patrick Wilson since Little Children, and we also get recent Emmy winner Margo Martindale as his secretary (?), Dexter's Julie Benz as his sister, and The Wire's Pablo Schreiber as the medium/psychic dude (please let his role be recurring!). The story is predictably schmoopy, but the performances won me over. And you guys, there's a GHOST! I'm gonna keep watching.

New Girl -- I was intrigued by the promos, but wasn't sure Steve would find this show appealing. Turns out that the trio of male roomates make the perfect foil for Zooey D's offbeat persona. We laughed outloud several times and definitely will tune in again.

Terra Nova -- I expected to be "meh" about this, but aside from some clunky exposition dialogue (especially toward the end), I found it pretty gripping. Not sure the show can sustain this pace, but so far so good. (Oh, and I've liked Jason O'Mara since he played Fergal on Monarch of the Glen -- he's the main reason I tuned in.) TN writers -- please give us more head-chomping dinosaurs! And don't overdose us on teen angst. Thanx. (Oh, I hope there's an interesting story behind the Shannons' third child.)

How about you -- found any new shows yet? Any pleasant surprises of your own?

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  1. I enjoyed Terra Nova - and wondered this morning if the writers were Land of the Lost fans as kids...
    Also like what they are doing on Fringe and New Girl.
    But, I have to say the story that has captivated me the most this past week has been Willie's adventure at the Seminary. THE REVENANT is fabulous and I can't wait to see how it ends :)

    BTW, my husband is not at all happy that I now feel compelled to point out when television or movie character turns into Exposition Man.

  2. Yay! I loved The New Girl, too. I was disappointed that I missed Terra Nova. It seems to be one of those shows that if I miss the beginning, I may as well give up.

  3. Gayleen -- aw, thanks about Revenant! And that's so funny about "Exposition Man." I'm SO sensitive to it now. "Hey, what's this here?" "Well, let me tell you about it, and during our seemingly casual conversation the audience will get some important backstory." Argh.

    Brandi -- can't you catch Terra Nova on On Demand, or something?