Tuesday, September 6, 2011

TV Tuesday -- a look at fall shows

Old friends . . . and new?

Returning favorites:
Inspector Lewis (PBS) -- The new series already started this past Sunday with an episode that made me LONG to re-read Dorothy Sayers' GAUDY NIGHT. Lewis is not a perfect show, but it's almost always satisfying AND provides a sorely needed Oxford fix. (Also, don't forget Case Histories, which premieres 10/16.)

Fringe (FOX 9/23) -- according to exec producer Jeff Pinkner, "the season is a love letter to the show and fans" (as quoted in Entertainment Weekly). I just want to know what the HECK they're going to do about YOU KNOW WHO.

The Good Wife (CBS 9/25) -- I am, of course, eager to see what unfolds after last season's finale . . .

The Walking Dead (AMC 10/16) -- this show has been on haitus so long that I've lost some of my enthusiasm. A lot of it, actually. And yet . . . I'd still like to know what happens next.

I'll invest some time in these newbies:
Ringer (CW 9/20) -- How can you not love Sarah Michelle Gellar? And Ioan Gruffudd? (Jason Dohring joining the cast was icing, baby.)

Bedlam (BBCAmerica 10/1) -- haunted apartment building in England? OF COURSE I'm going to watch. I'm intrigued that Neil Jones, a writer for Blue Murder (a fave of mine) is co-creator/writer.

American Horror Story (FX 10/5) -- this second ghostly offering, labled a "psychosexual thriller" (???), was promoted by EW as one of the best new shows of the fall season. Who's with me on this one?

New shows I might try:
Person of Interest (CBS 9/22) -- it's a J.J. Abrams thing, but CBS's preview video left me a little cold. Too much speechifying from Michael Emerson.

Prime Suspect (I'm not linking to website because NBC.com is so ANNOYING 9/22) -- I'm a huge fan of the Helen Mirren version. HUGE. Not sure if the writing will be as appealing in this American . . . reboot? Re-imagining? What carries over from the original, I wonder?

Terra Nova (FOX 9/26) -- I like Jason O'Mara a lot, but this one might be a little too busy.

OH, and I still need to procure and watch Justified season 2. Yee haw! Plenty of TV options to satisfy this addict. :)

Will you be watching any of the above?


  1. I'm really excited for AHS. And, of course, Fringe!

  2. What is it about TV? I barely watch it and yet I love to talk about what everyone's watching. FRINGE is one of my favs and making time to catch that one. Also, RINGER, BEDLAM...yep! I'm with you on TERRA NOVA, but it also looks so pretty. Sarah xx

  3. I'm determined to resist the lure of Terra Nova. It has a $4m per-episode price tag and you know that they will be looking for sixy-four bajillion viewers to keep it on. *sigh* I'm just waiting for any new TV at this stage...the past few weeks that fell between the TV seasons have been very, very dull :)

  4. Kim -- AHS is going to be WEIRD. I hope it's that delicious sort of weird that gets me all obsessed!

    Sarah -- Yay for FRINGE! And I look forward to discussing the rest. :)

    Suze -- Hmmm. If Terra Nova needs 64 bajillion viewers, can it possibly have smart scripting and nuanced characters? I see why you're resisting. I suppose I might watch if I hear lots of "OMG, Brilliant!" from people I trust.