Monday, September 12, 2011

Hello Monday!

I know yesterday was tough for many people. I wondered how to honor the day without giving in to gloom. Mostly, I thought about human strength and resilience. I contemplated how to be a more compassionate citizen (and less of a mole in a hole). I avoided TV as much as possible.

I also thought good thoughts about kidlit writers. :) You see, on Saturday I attended The SCBWI Oklahoma fall conference. Such a great group of people! I always leave these events cheerful and inspired.

It was a special honor to see Kathi Appelt speak. Her presentation on emotion was so unique and engaging -- I'm still thinking about the songs and images she shared. She's a wonderful lady, warm and generous, and I owe her thanks for the use of her projector during my own presentation. (She helped me get set up and everything!)

It also was an honor to sign a copy of The Revenant for her. I mean, WOW! That was a nice feeling.

There was a bad feeling, too, because I'd forgotten to bring my copy of The Underneath for her to sign. In all the craziness of packing up my stuff, it somehow didn't make it in my bag. I thought about explaining this to her, but it sounded lame --as if I hadn't bought it yet and was just making excuses.

But I DO have it, Kathi! See:

However, I have another confession about this book. I am TERRIFIED to read it. You know how it's so hard to read a book or watch a film in which children are in peril? Well, for me, stories of animals in peril are 1000 times harder. But I'll be brave and read it. I just have to work up my courage. (Dude, it's a Newbery Honor book and National Book Award finalist.)

One thing that Kathi talked about on Saturday was the power of endowed objects -- personal items that have a special power or emotional resonance. (Not necessarily a magical object -- the power is more related to memory.) She suggested that, in fiction, it was effective to express emotion through these objects. On Wednesday I'm going to talk a little more about endowed objects. And I'm going to do a GIVEAWAY.

Stay tuned!

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  1. And now I can't help thinking of "No More Dead Dogs, Please" by Gordon Korman...

  2. Ahhh! I can't bear hurt/hurting/dead animals either. In fact I'm reading a book right now that I have been LOVING... and then there was a scene where a baby deer was run over and the driver went back to look, and saw its mother looking back at the scene from a field and I just started crying and haven't gone back to the book since. I'm just a big girl about stuff like that. This book was a thriller by the way...nothing to do with animals. *sigh*

  3. emilykate -- I hope that's not a spoiler! :o

    Suze -- I know exactly what you mean. Did you ever watch Midsomer Murders? (I ask because you're a Brit) I remember an ep of that show in which an old homelass man was being tormented by a group of rich boys, which was hard enough, but when they targeted the old man's pet fox? I nearly couldn't go on.

  4. While I LOVE Midsommer Murders... I didn't see that one, and probably would have stopped watching right then too. It just hurts my soul to see animals harmed. I was even sad during the movie Contagion... if you haven't seen it, it's a great movie, but there are test-monkeys and poor piglets.. and it kinda spoiled it for me.